White paper — Job Skills extraction with LSTM and Word Embeddings

Applying Deep Learning on text corpuses for Job Skills extraction

Nikita sharma
2 min readSep 8, 2019
Link to white paper

I was recently researching various text mining and language processing techniques to extract Job Skills from Job postings and Resume data. The input data is a free text corpus and the expected output would be the desired skills sets for a given job profile.

I decided to document all my research as a paper with all the technical details that might be useful for someone researching a similar problem. So here it is -

The output of the exercise were very promising and I was able to extend the model to various Job categories. The techniques is also able to identify new and emerging Skillsets rather than being limited to a known set of Skills.

Sample of skills extracted from a Software Engineering Job post:

Same model extended to a Civil Engineering job post: