AWS cost monitoring for visibility and $$$ control

Keep an eye on your AWS costs and don’t run out of credits or $$$

Nikita sharma
2 min readJun 14, 2020


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If you are a startup you would probably want to keep a very close eye on your costs, further if you’re a student and are working with your available credits to get you through your Uni projects, Cost is going to be a big big concern for you.

This is going to be a very quick post on getting some visibility over our AWS expenses and resources.

AWS cost monitor

Visit AWS cost monitor . Launch the Cost explorer and click on Reports. Create a New report.

AWS provides various reporting templates. Select the one that makes sense for you. I selected the Cost & Usage report template.

Add filters to target your resources

Add the relevant filters to target the resources you / your team has created. You can filter by Services, Instances, Tags etc. Tags are the most convenient way to filter resources.

I had inconsistent tagging style for the instances and switched the tags at some point in time. Thankfully we can add multiple tags that are relevant for us.

Save the report once all the tags are added.

Voila, Thats all

We have much nicer visibility on our cost now.

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